Hospitals, clinics and care homes are open and accessible to a wide variety of people including patients, doctors, care staff, administrative personnel, visitors and suppliers. With such varied and heavy flows of people, security is critical, and access control is a central concern. Selective, individualized access has to be granted to different security areas, such as operating theatres, pharmacies, and neonatal wards. Security has to be designed in such a way that patients’ privacy and safety is always guaranteed.

Visitors passage

Praktika T-04 speedgate is the best solution if wheelchairs are applied.

This speedgate provides easy and safe access for people with reduced mobility and VIP patients as well as organized way out in emergency cases.

Main features of Praktika T-04 speedgate are high throughput, build-in card reader, compatibility with most access control systems, big LED display with a polished artificial stone lid that is settled at the good sight angle and hidden installation of reader.

For clinics Praktika T-01 tripod turnstile is the best solution. These stylish turnstiles have a smart design and do not require a lot of space. Also its housing is made of stainless steel and motor drive provides comfort passage. Any types of card readers can be installed into T-01 turnstile.

Praktika T-01 multipurpose tripod turnstile is an ideal solution for organizing access one by one and divide the flow of visitors at the same time. It is operated either with a remote control panel or with access control system.

Main feature of this model is automatic emergency "anti-panic" function that releases passage within 3 seconds (all three bars are folded automatically)

You can make a custom construction design with turnstiles, swing gates and barriers. If necessary, the construction can be integrated with alarm and security systems.

Swing gates and barriers Praktika have guaranteed quality and reliability together with low price.

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